How We Support Your Learning



Every developer is assigned a Software Developer Lead as a coach. Think of this coach as more of a mentor than a manager. You meet weekly to focus on your technical and career development. This coaching isn’t about performance management. It’s about how we can support your growth.

Annual Education Budget

Annual Education Budget

Every year you receive $3,000 to spend on career development. Some recent education budget purchases include online courses in software design & architecture specialization, tickets to a DevOps conference, leadership development training courses, and many new books for our library.

Reading Culture

Reading Culture

Our growing library is home to hundreds of books on design, development, data science, and more. Want a book? We’ll order it for you. This allows us to host book clubs on topics like Domain Driven Design, or advanced refactoring methods and architecture.

Internal Events

Internal Events

We hold Hack Days every six weeks, where the whole company has the freedom to tinker and learn about new technology. All team members regularly host Lunch n’ Learn talks on topics like serverless deployment of machine learning models, introduction to data science, retail industry overviews, and fun workshops like Spanish 101.

Developer Growth Tracks

Leveling up doesn’t necessarily mean moving into management.

During your interview process, we work with you to understand your skill set and where you want to grow. We then set a plan to advance you into the type of work you are most interested in doing. There are many opportunities for to have a discussion on your preferred career path throughout your time at Nulogy.

Developer Growth Tracks Developer Growth Tracks

Understanding Differences in Paths

Interested in seeing how your skillset fits in with our levels?
Flip through our descriptions to learn more.

Software Developer I

Learning Catalyst

You are a catalyst for your team's learning culture. You will be expected to constantly share new learnings, inspiring others to do the same.

Software Developer II


You are the team’s engine in the building of functionalities. As an SD2, you are becoming a significant contributor to your team’s velocity, continuing to practice delivering clean code.

Software Developer III


You model what it means to be a great collaborator. In this role, you will be raising the team’s production capacity. You will challenge the team to deliver valuable well-designed code.

Software Developer IV


You deliver high-quality software at a sustainable pace. As the technical backbone for your team, you identify and take actions that empower team members. Besides contributing to development you build a highly-performant team.

Software Developer V


You are the technical expert for your application, ensuring systems that your team builds use clean architecture principles. You collaborate with architects across engineering to drive technical decisions that support Nulogy's business strategy. You continue to build a highly-performant team by modelling safety and trust on the team.



You shape the technical direction of our products through experience, research and experimentation. Architects at Nulogy operate alongside our delivery teams, preferring to mentor better technical decision making rather than deciding in a vacuum. You will guide the long term technical vision of our products to align with our business goals.

Software Developer Lead


As an SDL, you are focused on the growth and development of the developers on your team. Besides continuing to contribute to the development on the team, you work collaboratively to ensure the team is aligned towards a common goal.

Software Development Manager


You will hire, grow and retain the top talent in the industry. Software Development Managers at Nulogy oversee the leads and developers on multiple delivery teams, helping to align people to company goals. You will work with other Software Development Managers to improve engineering processes and practice across Product Development.