The Importance of Craft

Nulogy connects the supply chains of the world’s most loved brands.

Our software is mission-critical for our customers, that's why we take time and care in investing in our technical practices.

Brands and suppliers around the world rely on Nulogy to bring customized product experiences to market. The next time you see an in-store promotional display, or seasonal products and packaging, chances are good that it ran through our system. We ensure that your favourite products are brought to market with minimal waste. We are proud to do our part in making the consumer world more sustainable.

This is why we take the time to invest in our technical practices.

one of our teams in the middle of a design sprint

Design Sprint

pair programming during hack day

Pair Programming

Our Tech Stack

Anything look unfamiliar? No problem. We are happy to teach you our stack!

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sticky notes are our most powerful agile tool

Sticky Notes

Core Practices

The following Extreme Programming practices keep our systems scalable and dependable:

  • Developers have time to refactor their code
  • A strong pair programming culture as a way to diffuse knowledge
  • Regularly practiced Domain-Driven Design
  • Feature teams which practice continuous integration
  • Collective code ownership; no one has to ask permission to make changes
  • A long history of Test-Driven Development
  • A Developer Accelerator team working to speed up developer processes across all of our apps

However, we know there’s always room for improvement. Here are the projects we are currently working towards completing:

What We Build

Product Screens

We provide the only purpose-built software solution that enables supply chains to bring customized products to market with less waste. Our platform is used by global brands and their external suppliers to launch new products as efficiently and intelligently as possible. As a developer, you'll be helping to build a world-class solution that improves the quality of consumer products and ensures a more sustainable supply chain.

Books That Influence Our Engineering Culture

If you’re looking to better understand our engineering culture, take a look at these books. We polled our developers to see which books made the biggest impact on their growth.

  1. Working Effectively with Legacy Code
  2. Growing Object Oriented Software
  3. Implementing Domain Driven Design
  4. 90 Bottles of OOP
  5. The Devops Handbook
  6. The Effective Engineer