Today's fastest growing contract packagers need to make complexity simple.

Co-packaging Evolved

In less than a generation, consumer demands have transformed the way brands market their products and the way suppliers manufacture and package them.

The competition to satisfy a growing demand for reliable, transparent, and cost-effective end-to-end services is heating up. How do you outpace the competition?

Today’s co-packers of choice leverage fully integrated, purpose-built systems to help them master the mounting complexity, costs, and risks with ease.

Unlike traditional systems, PackManager is engineered to manage multi-party interactions and enable proactive regulatory compliance while adding 8-15% to your bottom line.

Grow Profitably and Scalably

PackManager is the only purpose-built solution designed to handle the complexities of product labeling, packaging, kitting, and assembly workflows, and help you grow your contract packaging business profitably and scalably.

Precision Control

Demonstrate end-to-end production control and visibility, and manage increased complexity, cost, and risk with ease.


Diligent Compliance

Navigate an increasingly rigorous regulatory environment by using production level track-and-trace to show reliability, accountability and acumen.


Effective Collaboration

Offer brand owners unique cost-cutting insights and propose innovative product development plans to be perceived as an indispensable supply chain partner.


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We were using a conventional system not built for our type of organization. Now, we can use PackManager to maintain accurate inventory and manage production more efficiently, all in one system.

Cameron Dube
President of UCPack

Technologies that Enable You


Powering Contract Packaging Performance

Specifically designed to handle the complexities of your industry, only PackManager enables you to significantly cut costs, improve quality, and increase your speed of delivery. Today’s fastest-growing contract packagers use PackManager and agree they would never run without it again.


Modernizing Your Quality

QCloud makes it easier to collect, store, and leverage quality data for compliance and process improvement. With QCloud, quality issues have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Its real-time quality control management and audit-ready reporting enables you to revolutionize your quality practices overnight.

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PackManager provides real-time feedback of production results, accelerates the efficiency of our contract packaging operations, and allows us to be even more responsive and accurate, while in turn accelerating our customer’s time to market. There has definitely been a positive ROI with PackManager.

Dean Stearman
General Manager, Food & Consumer Goods
Packaging at DePaul Industries

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Services That Enable You

We know that having great products isn’t enough—that’s why we’re also a people-to-people company. Our teams are with you every step of the way, providing end-to-end support and resources.

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Our Professional Services Team…

Gets you started by ensuring your site is up and running quickly, without disrupting your scheduled production and ensuring that it matches your business workflows.

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Our Integrations Services Team…

Helps you extend your reach by allowing you to integrate your systems with those of your customers and partners, for an interconnected supply chain.

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Our Education & Consulting Team

Delivers on-demand web-based training programs and one-on-one guidance to continuously help you develop your industry expertise and understanding of our solutions.

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Our Global Support

Is always on hand if you have technical issues that require a little more expertise.

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Our Customer Success Team…

Is committed to your continued success and continually seeking to help improve your performance.

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