The future of product customization is on the Perfect Order Network


Demand for customized products introduces ever more complex needs across the supply chain.



Collective consumers are driving demand through trending crowd-sourced buying habits and a taste for intimate, personalized brand experiences.



Retailers want to get the best product mix in front of the customer, and are using customized product experiences to own the ‘consumer basket’.


CPG Brand Owners

CPG brand owners are retooling their marketing strategies to offer sophist-icated differentiated consumer products experiences to the retailers they serve.



Flexible and responsive suppliers are relied upon for perfect order execution to deliver personalized products with agility, efficiency, and at the highest quality.

Each of these players strive to better collaborate, manage, and react in order to bring products to market quickly and with less waste.


Here’s what CPG brand owners and suppliers are missing:


Complete process control

As complex demand moves downstream to CPG brand owners and suppliers, it increases variability and reduces lead times. Meeting this demand requires forecasting, monitoring, and optimizing production lines and process in real-time.


A unified business platform

Orchestrating the perfect order requires a purpose-built platform to align CPG brand owners with outsourced suppliers as they work together to drive down costs, establish reciprocal trust, and mutually increase profitability.


Meaningful data intelligence

Increased order complexity means firms need to quickly understand their performance data to uncover and leverage meaningful trends, discover issues, and work together to identify and fix the root causes of issues.

SaaS technology provides the order execution, interconnectivity, and intelligence necessary to deliver high quality, low cost, differentiated products, with correct documentation, at the right place and time to downstream customers.


Our Perfect Order Network provides cloud-based software solutions that make delivering the perfect order a reality.

Here’s how our technology solves the biggest problems in supply chain:


Order Execution

Our order execution solutions help suppliers to orchestrate all the moving pieces—everything from quote to ship—involved in the complex supply chain of last-mile product customization.



Our interconnectivity solutions help CPG brands and their strategic suppliers discover, interact, and transact on a unified network, making the processes of planning, executing, and monitoring orders a seamless experience.



Our business intelligence solutions power the additional layer of data-driven insights that brands and suppliers need to better predict and plan for production of unpredictable order demand, making it a crucial part of perfect order execution.

CPG brands and suppliers on our Perfect Order Network experience the benefits every day

CPG Brand Owners

Maximize partnership value and fully leverage your supplier networks to take advantage of fluctuating market opportunities.


Orchestrate optimal use of your internal resources to ensure competitive pricing and guaranteed outcomes for your CPG brand owner customers.