Welcome to the new age of contract packaging.


You’re part of the evolving supply chain that makes and moves consumer products

Each player has evolving needs…



Are driving the “mass” to “my” market for consumer goods through their desires for intimate, personalized brand experiences

Retailer-2 (480x480)


Want to get the best product mix in front of the customer, and own the “consumer basket”



Are experts in marketing, and rely on a supplier network that is flexible and responsive in delivering differentiated consumer products



Are relied on to be production execution experts to make and move consumer products with agility, efficiency, quality

Each of these players strive to better collaborate, manage, and react in order to bring products to market quickly and with less waste.


But they are challenged with…

Uncompromising Quality

To produce guaranteed results, manage risk, and be compliant with ever-increasing regulation requirements.


Production Profitability

To achieve transparency in the production process, and visibility on efficiency, costs, and continuous process improvement initiatives.


Flexibility & Agility

To be reactive to changing market demands and meet last-mile production needs to deliver customized consumer experiences.

The whole ecosystem is challenged with providing high quality, low cost, and unique/differentiated products to consumers.


Welcome to the age of mass-customization, where the challenges of the complex supply chain meet the power of collaboration.

What is needed to bring the age of mass-customization to life?


The ability to deliver customized products by managing complex processes

Where a trusted system is in place to enforce and automate the production, and flexible enough to deliver consumer products effectively


The ability to deliver personalized products through interconnections

Where suppliers and brands are connected, and information flows seamlessly to enable strategic partnerships, and to stimulate collaboration and innovation


The ability to capture and access intelligence for continuous improvement

To interact with operational data and analytics to continuously improve and manage increasingly complex production needs

The market needs an intelligent solution to power the age of mass-customization.

The growing complexity of supply chains is bringing about challenges in the industry that traditional technology and solutions simply cannot keep up. Nulogy is connecting and enabling this matrix of organizations so they can better collaborate, manage, and react to bring these complex personalized products to market more quickly and with less waste.