Give customers confidence, manage complexity and communicate in real-time to grow your VAS operations.

The Evolving Supply Chain

Today’s brand owners are looking for a few trusted partners to bring their products to market quickly, reliably, and scalably. But as today’s consumers demand increased personalization, the logistics get complicated. Fast. These fluctuating market dynamics call for you to manage your value-added services (VAS) operations differently.

As a third-party logistics provider (3PL), how do you outpace the competition to become the supplier of choice? How do you refine your value-added services to deliver cost efficiency, high quality results, and a quick turnaround?  How do you exhibit the precise operational control and visibility that brand owners crave?

Mastering the Post-Industrial Supply Chain

To achieve profitable and scalable growth of your VAS operation, you must manage increasingly complex multi-party logistics and satisfy mounting regulatory compliances, while building trust through highly visible processes.

That’s why we’ve built the only tool that turns the complexities faced by 3PLs in the post-industrial supply chain into opportunities to grow your VAS offerings.

High Octane Value-Added Services

Provide VAS offerings that show expert control of your operations and leverage your operational data to better serve brand owners and grow your business.


Precise Operational Control

Cut operational costs, increase capacity and streamline process performance. Manage kitting, assembly, labelling, and packaging efficiently and effectively.


Stable and Agile Scaling

Help brand owners launch and promote products quickly and with little waste by ensuring short turnaround times, consistent service and real-time visibility.


Effective Collaboration

Collaborate with brand owners to design cost optimization and service processes to improve production fulfillment, forecast, and track orders in real-time.


We’ve been working with Nulogy to build technology-enabled processes that have helped us reduce friction, promote collaboration, and enable growth through global standardization.

Brian Gallagher
Head of Global Contract Packaging, DHL


Technologies that Enable You

To achieve these outcomes, you need technology that helps you plan, execute and improve your performance. Here’s where we can help.


Powering Contract Packaging Performance

Specifically designed to handle the complexities of your industry, only PackManager enables you to significantly cut costs, improve quality, and increase your speed of delivery. Today’s fastest-growing contract packagers use PackManager and agree they would never run without it again.


Modernizing Your Quality

QCloud makes it easier to collect, store, and leverage quality data for compliance and process improvement. With QCloud, quality issues have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Its real-time quality control management and audit-ready reporting enables you to revolutionize your quality practices overnight.

Services That Enable You

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Our Professional Services Team…

Gets you started by ensuring your site is up and running quickly, without disrupting your scheduled production and ensuring that it matches your business workflows.

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Our Integrations Services Team…

Helps you extend your reach by allowing you to integrate your systems with those of your customers and partners, for an interconnected supply chain.

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Our Educational Services Team…

Delivers the on-demand web-based training programs and one-on-one guidance you need to continuously develop your industry skills and understanding of our tools.

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Our Global Support

Is always on hand if you have technical issues that require a little more expertise.

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Our Customer Success Team…

Is committed to your continued success and continually seeking to help improve your performance.

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